Moira Shire Electoral Review splits communities

Published on 31 May 2019


Moira Shire Council disagrees with the VEC's recommendation to move to three wards with three councillors in each ward. 

Mayor Libro Mustica said the VEC got the councillor number correct at nine but had split communities of interest due to population imbalance.

"The VEC seems to have been overly influenced by the notion that Yarrawonga is different to the rest of the shire and needs guaranteed local councillors," Cr Mustica said. 

"In doing so it has forced communities that relate closely to Yarrawonga into another ward to make the voters roll balance. 
"Tungamah has always had a close association with Yarrawonga and sees it as its 'go to' town.
"But now its been put in a ward based on Cobram and has little chance of electing a candidate that it would regard as a local representative."

Cr Mustica said the whole basis of submissions from the east of the shire was Yarrawonga needed more councillors to secure a bigger share of the shire's budget and capital works program. 

"It has three councillors now and under the VEC's decision is now limited to three councillors out of nine in spite of it being the fastest growing town in the shire," he said.
"Council thinks the decision is a backward step but we'll work with it and welcome the candidates that get elected in 2020. 
"At the end of the day wards are just the means by which you get elected, what you bring to the council table is what really matters."