Flood anniversary event brings community together

Published on 09 November 2023


Community came together yesterday to reflect, connect, and heal from the October 2022 flood incident at a commemorative event in Nathalia.

For many of our residents, the impacts of last year’s flood event are still unfolding, and the recovery continues. A 12-month community event was an opportunity to bring together support, resources and acknowledge the amazing contributions of the community in supporting one another during a natural disaster event.

The community event saw residents and visitors enjoy family friendly activities, a barbecue dinner provided by the Nathalia Lions Club and an art exhibit featuring a photo mural of the flood waters put together by the Grainstore Nathalia, the art therapy project by the regions’ Primary School students which helped children express their emotions from the flood through art, as well as an art installation by local artist Phillippa Schapper.

Chair of the Moira Shire Panel of Administrators, John Tanner AM said, “it was impressive to see the Moira Shire community come together for a time of celebration and strength. We know moments of disasters can bring out unsung heroes and this was the opportunity for our community to recognise the efforts and support of those around them.”

Dr Rob Gordon, renowned disaster trauma specialist, delivered a talk on resilience and healing in the face of adversity. Dr Gordon has extensive experience in supporting communities affected by natural disasters and provided valuable insights and strategies for coping with trauma.

Moira Shire Administrator Suzanna Sheed said, “it was a time of mixed emotions and memories for residents as they remembered the flood events. These moments prove we are resilient, and this was a moment to share stories, help each other on the path of healing and celebrate the individuals, groups and organisations who have been with us on this journey.”

Moira Shire Council’s Flood Recovery Team continue to support communities and successfully deal with the impacts of the flood, helping build resilience and preparedness for future events.

To support the community in dealing with emergency events, Moira Shire Council in partnership with Alpine Shire Council and Victorian emergency service agencies, developed The First 72 Hours program. The program guides community members, businesses, and groups to prepare themselves for an emergency which may leave them with no access to community or agency support for a period of up to 72 hours.

“Building safer and more resilient communities is a shared responsibility among the community, not just those in the emergency management sector. Preparedness is key and to anyone who doesn’t know where to start the First 72-hour program has excellent tips and resources to prepare you for an emergency event,” said Graeme Emonson PSM, Moira Shire Council Panel Administrator.  

Moira Shire Council is here to support the whole community throughout the recovery. We have a range of support and resources available on our website www.moira.vic.gov.au/Flood-and-Storm-Events or you can speak to our Flood Recovery Team by calling our Customer Service Centre on (03) 5871 9222


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