Community notice regarding hazardous waste

Published on 20 December 2022


During recent routine site inspections bonded asbestos containing material has been found at the rear of the Tungamah Transfer Station. 

The impacted area has been fenced off to ensure safety at the site.

An asbestos hygienist has examined the site and deemed the transfer station safe to operate while clean up arrangements are being organised.

Clean up will be scheduled for days that the Transfer Station is not open, so that the transfer station will be able to continue to operate on its regular schedule.

As soon as the asbestos contamination was identified council self-reported the matter to EPA and Worksafe, and the contaminated area was safely cordoned off.

Council are currently arranging for the removal of the hazardous waste by licensed professionals, after which an asbestos hygienist will complete a safety inspection before fencing is removed.

The asbestos hygienist has confirmed the material in its current form does not present an elevated risk unless it is disturbed.

Moira Shire Council Chief Executive Officer, Clare Keenan said Council’s focus is on the safe removal of the waste. 

“The waste was found during a routine inspection and our team implemented the correct procedures immediately.

“We want to assure the community that the risk is very low, however our priority is now to eliminate any risk by removing the waste as quickly as possible,” Ms Keenan said.