Community Strengthening Grants - apply now

Published on 13 November 2020


Applications are now open for Moira Shire Community Strengthening Grants Program with grants up to $10,000 on offer.

CEO Mark Henderson said this grants program aimed to provide funding for art and culture projects, community events, equipment, health promotion, environmental sustainability, tourism and infrastructure.

“It is a great way to kick start a community initiative and is a vital function of Moira Shire Council,” Mr Henderson said.

“They help facilitate projects which enrich the whole community and can assist in the development of service, management of facilities, coordination of events and promotion of tourism, environmental sustainability and health in the community.

“The policy which provides the framework upon which this program is governed has been revised and instead of offering both Major and Minor grant categories, the decision was made to offer increased opportunity to apply for a larger amount of money, up to $10,000, twice per annum.”

Mr Henderson said art and culture projects or events could include holding skills development workshops, hosting music or art events and exhibitions, or workshops with community public art outcomes.

“Health promotion ideas may comprise projects supporting active and healthy lifestyles or opportunities to educate the community about mental health, drug and alcohol issues,” he said.

Previous examples of equipment and infrastructure projects which have been funded through the Community Strengthening Grants program include fencing/bollards, sporting club equipment, sound systems, and defibrillators.

“Under the Environmental Sustainability category you can submit applications for projects that save water, energy or emissions such as the purchase of water saving fixtures and appliances, rooftop solar systems and energy efficient heating, cooling and lighting,” Mr Henderson said.

“You can apply online by visiting our website and if you require assistance in either planning your project or completing your application form, council officers are here to help.

“Applicants are encouraged to read the Community Strengthening Grants Guidelines which include information on eligibility, exclusions and terms and conditions prior to applying.”

Applications close Wednesday 13 January 2021.