Calling for feedback on Council and Financial Plans

Published on 01 March 2021

Council and Financial Plan_web icon.jpg

In the first year of our new council’s term, a key task for councillors is to develop a Council and Financial plan that will steer the course to improve and strengthen Moira Shire.

Mayor Libro Mustica said the Council Plan was integral in defining and navigating the strategic direction of Council while the Financial Plan laid the foundations for a strong and stable economic framework.

“We will develop our Council and Financial Plans in accordance with deliberative engagement practices and community engagement principles, as required in the Local Government Act 2020,” Cr Mustica said.

“With last year’s plans and initiatives thrown into chaos due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the perfect time for us to engage with our community in a conversation about our priorities, values and principles moving forward.”

Cr Mustica said the Council Plan must include the strategic direction of the Council; objectives for achieving that strategic direction; plans for achieving those objectives for the next four financial years; indicators for monitoring the achievement of the objectives; plus a description of the initiatives and priorities for services, infrastructure and amenity.

“As well as the Council Plan, we must develop, adopt and keep in force a Financial Plan for a period of at least the next ten financial years,” he said.

“This Financial Plan must include statements describing the financial resources required to give effect to the Council Plan and other strategic plans of the Council; information about the decisions and assumptions that underpin the forecasts; statements describing any other resource requirements that the Council considers appropriate; and any other matters prescribed by the regulations.

“Over the coming weeks there will be many opportunities for you to get involved to ensure your voice is heard.

“There will be informal conversation circles held in the four main towns of our shire and we invite everyone to come along and share their thoughts and ideas with us.

“But you can start the conversation straight away by filling in the survey on our website.

“If you need a hard copy of the survey, just give our friendly Customer Service Team a call on 5871 9222 and they will send one out to you.

“We can’t wait to hear from you.”