2023/24 Budget Consultation

Submissions closing on 10 February 2023, 05:00 PM

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Help shape our Budget for 2023/24 and beyond

Council would like to hear from you about what your priorities are as we prepare our 2023/24 Budget.

Our Annual Budget is developed to align with the objectives of our Council Plan, while considering the priorities of the community and the Council's financial situation and other external impacts. The budget details our financial position, capital works program and includes our fees and charges schedule.

Understanding your priorities will help us develop a financially responsible budget, while continuing to deliver the services and projects that the most important to the community.

We are asking for your priorities and suggestions not just for the 23/24 budget, but for future years.

This budget will concentrate on recovery and prioritise projects and initiatives to secure and strengthen our future. As after the pandemic, and now the flood event, we need to carefully balance community expectations and benefits with financial responsibilities to deliver a budget that reflects the current economic conditions.

It’s important to consider that even though we are creating the 2023/24 budget, the proposals are for the future. Think of the first year as investigation and scoping, the second year is design and development and the third year is construction. 


What is our current financial situation?

Like all Councils across Victoria, Moira Shire is facing significant financial challenges.

These challenges have only been exacerbated after the recent flood event as we now reallocate resources to response and recovery.

This has been compounded by wet weather, shortage of project managers and shortage of contractors.

This means it will not be possible to deliver budgeted capital works and consolidation of carried forward works is going to take even longer.

We will likely require not just one year, but perhaps two financial years to get through the backlog and deliver capital works, so we need to focus needs on renewing existing assets not creating.

What impacts our budget?

When drafting a budget Council must respond to the following challenges and external factors, while balancing the priorities of the community.

Rate capping

The ability for Moira Shire Council to fund our existing range, standard and location of services will be more difficult over coming years as rate capping progressively impacts on Council’s financial resources.

The competition for grant funding is expected to increase significantly as rate capping forces Councils to seek alternative funding options to maintain existing infrastructure and invest in new programs and services.

Large geographical area

Compared with other Victorian Councils, Moira Shire covers a large geographic area with multiple service locations and a relatively small, dispersed and ageing population. This combination means Moira Shire has relatively higher costs to deliver the equivalent range and standard of Council services.

Natural disasters

Events such as severe storm damage, floods and bushfires require the mobilisation and re-direction of resources within Council to respond to these events in supporting our community and liaising with state government and key emergency service providers.

Council will prioritise supporting our region to recover from the recent floods, including emergency centres, clean-up,  roads, drainage and other essential services.

Cost pressures

External factors such as the COVID pandemic and the recent floods have caused shortages in the supply of materials and labour. This is resulting in contract costs escalating particularly for capital and increasing project risk exposure, forcing council to reassess project scopes, delivery timeframes and funding sources. 

Asset maintenance

Many of Moira Shire’s assets are in the latter stage of their useful life and community use is declining, but community service standards along with public use, safety and construction standards are increasing.  Moira Shire has moved to fully funding renewals to help offset this gap, however, this will limit the amount of discretionary funding for new capital works. 



Provide your feedback now

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