Yarrawonga Splash Park Expansion

  • Project typeYarrawonga Splash Park Expansion
  • Project value$500,000
  • Project scheduleUnder Construction
  • Contractor nameFarley Pools

The expanded splash park will be an accessible water play space, enhancing the all-abilities playground, barbecue area and Changing Place facilities adjacent to this asset. 

The splash park will be open for a much longer period, not just during the outdoor pool season, and will be free to use.

Farley Pools will be onsite from 12 September to start some minor preparation works on the splash park.

They will remove the yellow hoop and red post in the existing splash park and take them away for re-painting – they will be reinstalled in the new splash park. They will also start work removing the damaged rubber surface.   

Works to prepare the pad site for the new splash park will commence on 19 September once the water slide removal is complete.

During 2023, there are also other works planned for around the splash park including:  Install shelters, seating around the splash park and under the shelters, new picnic tables in the rotunda, circular seating under the big tree, new rubbish bins, garden boxes, a water drinking fountain and bottle filler, and landscaping around the splash park.

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This project is jointly funded by Council and the Australian Government's Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Projects Funding.


2 October 2023

The Yarrawonga splash park is nearing completion with some final touches to be added over the next couple of weeks. Equipment testing and training is currently underway.

Landscaping works will continue around the splash park with new turf installed which needs a few weeks to settle in. There will be screens, a garden and planter boxes installed around the plant room. The furniture in the nearby rotunda will be updated, and seating, planter boxes, and a shelter will be installed around the splash park.

Details about the splash park opening will be announced soon.

 Splash park tile.png       Splash park tile 1.png

3 July 2023

Council were delayed due to an engineering certificate for the balance tank lid which has now been installed.

Now the lid is on, our contractors will be busy installing the plant room and the equipment on top of the tank. These works will take three to four weeks.

We are aiming to complete construction works by the end of July, however this may be impacted by rain.

Landscaping works around the splash park are due to commence 7 August with concrete slabs constructed for the shelter and furniture, then irrigation and turf. We are aiming to complete this by early September so the site can have at least one month to rest and recuperate in preparation for a busy summer.

12 December 2022

Works on the actual splash park are progressing to plan with the splash pad near completion. The pipework and mounting structures for the water features are installed, the concrete base has been poured and we are aiming to have the surface painted by end of December and the shade sail installed. 

We have faced a number of issues in delivering this project which have resulted in delays.  These have been the removal of the water slide, wet weather from September to November affecting construction, lack of availability of contractors, rescheduling by subcontractors as they worked around weather delays, and the need to replace/upgrade equipment required to operate the splash park.

Once the water slide was removed and construction works commenced onsite, it was established that all of the existing equipment required to operate a new splash park needed to be replaced or upgraded.  This included a new balance tank, new plant room and upgraded pumps, filters, etc.  The reasons that the existing equipment needed to be replaced or upgraded was varied and included end of life, unsuitability for the new splash pad, non-compliant with current regulations, or non-functional.

The main reason for not completing the splash park by 23 December is that the contractor has been unable to engage a concreter to build the new concrete, underground balance tank.  The concreter was not booked earlier in the process as we were not aware that a new balance tank would be required.  The balance tank works are scheduled for January but will rely on three to four weeks of dry weather to complete. 

All going well with the weather and no further delays, we are hoping to have the splash park operational by mid-February.  Revised completion date: Mid February 2023.

2 November 2022

Works at the Yarrawonga Splash Park are progressing but are slow due to the amount of rain delays.  Farley Pools have been onsite for six weeks and only averaged two days of work a week due to the rain.  They have nearly completed installing drainage and mounting pads and the next step is to pour the concrete splash pad.  The main concern is we need warm weather for the concrete to cure properly. Revised completion date: 23 December 2022.


Community Consultation

The Yarrawonga Splash Park on the foreshore of the beautiful Lake Mulwala will be getting a much needed facelift and Council wants to hear from the community on what they would like to see in the upgraded facility.

We have a budget of almost $500,000 for the expansion of the splash park. It will be an all-abilities water play space, open for a much longer period than the outdoor pool summer season and is free to use, making it an inclusive play space for everyone.

The expansion of this wonderful area will enhance the family-friendly atmosphere of the foreshore and be a space of relaxation and recreation for all demographics in our community.

This survey closed 25 February 2022. 

Splashpark Consultation - Survey Results



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