Tourist Passport Campaign 2021

This year we are adding a new initiative called the Local Tourist Passport.Local Tourist Passport Facebook Event banner 1920x1080px FINAL.png
Moira Shire residents will receive discounts with local tourism, hospitality and retail businesses when they bring full fee paying visitors between May and October.
Every mail box in Moira Shire will have a Tourist Passport delivered between 1 - 15 May 2021.

How It Works


1. Invite your friends and family to visit.

2. Visit moira vpostcard to view all the available offers.

3. Carry your Local Tourist Passport.

4. Take your friends and family to participating attractions.

The Local Tourist Passport is valid from 1 May 2021 - 30 October 2021.

Throughout the campaign there will be updated deals! So keep your eyes on the website

Passport Banner.jpg