Installing or altering

FAQs when installing or altering a septic tank system

Do you need a permit?

Yes.  Before you begin any new installation or alteration to an existing system, you must apply for a permit from us.

How long will it take?

It should be completed within 1-2 weeks of receiving your application.

Who can do the works?

The installation and alteration of septic systems must be performed by a licensed plumber.  You can check plumber accreditation or licenses by contacting the Plumbing Industry Commission on 1800 015 129.

Will your septic tank need to be inspected by council staff?

Yes.  Our Environmental Health Officers will conduct a number of site inspections before, during and after the installation or alteration process.  Once the works are completed to our satisfaction, a Certificate to Use will be issued.

What if wish to sell or buy a property with a septic tank on it?

If you are unsure whether the septic tank system on a property is compliant, you can apply for a System Compliance Report.  Our Environmental Health Officers will then determine whether the system is compliant.