Numbers of animals allowed

The Local Law stipulates restrictions in numbers of dogs and cats that are allowed on a property.

No person may without a permit, keep more than two dogs or two cats on any property in a residential area or commercial area, or on any property in a rural area which comprises less than eight hectares.

Please refer to Part 6 - Keeping of Animals, Birds, Poultry of the Moira Shire Council Community Safety and Environment Local Law for restrictions that relate to other animals.

If you want to keep more animals as set out in the Local Law, you must apply to Moira Shire Council by completing the Keeping of Animals Application - Renewal.

Further information can be obtained by downloading the Keeping of Animals Fact Sheet.

If you still require further information, please give us a call.

Other Animals

Some reptiles and birds may require special permits. Enquiries should be directed to the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning on 13 61 86 for more information.