Pet Exchange Register


Pet Exchange Register to improve pet sale transparency

Victorians will soon be able to find out where their pet comes from with the introduction of a new online database called the Pet Exchange Register (PER). 

From 1 July 2019, any person or business who is advertising to sell or giveaway a dog or cat will need a source number from the PER.  The source number will identify the source of the dog or cat, that is, the individual, breeder, business or shelter.

Victorians getting a new furry family member will be encouraged to check the validity of an advertiser by searching the source number on the PER before they bring their new dog, cat, puppy or kitten home.

From 1 July, it will be an offence to advertise the sale or giveaway of a dog or cat unless the microchip identification number of the animal and a PER source number are included in the advertisement. This applies to advertisers selling or giving away dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, as well as publishers that publish non-compliant advertisements.

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