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This strategy aims to provide guidance in relation to the provision of Moira Shire Council’s Aquatic Facilities now and into the future. This strategy will include a plan to drive specific actions/projects and allow for practical, time framed and measurable implementation.

The Strategy is intended to have a life span of 9 years, at which point the entire document will be completely reviewed.

Adopted 22 May 2019.

Aquatic Facilities cover.PNG(PDF, 5MB)


Thank you to everyone who sent in submissions related to our Aquatic Strategy.

Now it is time to get started on implementing the Strategy.

The first step is to find out what will attract you to your local pool and what times you would be most likely to visit.

Submissions closed Friday 29 November 2019.

Moira Shire communities recognise that a creative community concept is inclusive of all arts forms, and also has a broader reach to include architects, town planners, landscapers, engineers, performers, artists and musicians, all those who are creative. 

Moira Shire Council also recognises the role the arts play in developing social wellbeing across all age levels and abilities and its essential role in promoting community resilience and recovery in times of crisis.

This strategy has been developed using surveys, cultural mapping, community engagement and consultation. We have relied on research conducted at state and federal levels to inform our goals, and to capitalise on funding opportunities as they arise. 

Arts and Culture Strategy.PNG(PDF, 2MB)  

This strategy was adopted by Council on 18 December 2019

 This strategy will play a major role in setting strategic direction to improve safety in the Moira Shire through the provision of community education and collaborative partnerships that support sharing information, knowledge, resources and responsibility.

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Moira Shire Council has prepared a new Domestic Animal Management Plan 2018-2021 (DAM Plan) in accordance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994. The four-year DAM Plan builds on the previous Domestic Animal Management Plan 2013-2017, creating the framework of the planning, development and evaluation of Councils animal management services and programs. The DAM Plan summarises the professional, consistent and proactive approach undertaken within the municipality.


To ensure Moira Shire retains a thriving, resilient economy into the future, Council has developed its Economic Development Strategy 2019-2023. 

This strategy builds on the existing strengths of the local economy while seeking to embrace new opportunities that create sustainable diversity and resilience.

Council will encourage existing businesses to become more sustainable. It will support development opportunities that enhance the Shire’s long-term economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Economic Development Strategy.PNG(PDF, 2MB)

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