Peter Lawless

Deputy Mayor


We asked Councillor Peter Lawless the following:

1. What is your connection to Moira?
I have always lived in a rural area in Moira Shire, apart from five years away for education.

2. What do you think is the greatest strength of the Moira community?
All Moira's major and small towns surrounded by their districts have a strong community spirit, with many volunteers supporting their community, giving Moira it's greatest strength.  We also have a diverse light industry and agricultural sector across Moira, with the jewel in the crown being our natural tourist attractions dominated by the Murray River.

3. What made you decide to run for Council?
I was asked by my community to run for Council after many years experience in sports administration, CFA, council committees and lobbying at a state level for rural communities, all of which with the support of my family.  Setting policy and implementing it strategically across Moira for our community can be very rewarding for all involved.

4. What do you hope to achieve in your term as a Moira Shire Councillor?
In my term on Council I want to work with other councillors and staff to identify our communities' needs and implement solutions strategically, not only immediate solutions to areas of need but with a keen eye on the future supporting young families, the disadvantaged, our youth and their ambitions.

5. What is your favourite thing to do in Moira?
There is not much spare time still being involved in a family agricultural business but I love spending time with Carol, our four adult children and six grandchildren.  We both enjoy developing our large garden and look forward to our open garden days for charity and sharing with extended family and friends.