Cr Gary Cleveland



We asked Councillor Gary Cleveland the following:

1. What is your connection to Moira?

I have lived in Cobram since 1978. My wife, Marilynne and I have worked as primary school teachers in and around Moira Shire. We also raised our family here and after 13 years as a Primary Principal at Katandra West I am now semi-retired in Cobram. I also work with Brian Walsh Funerals as a casual Funeral Director’s Assistant. I have been a Councillor at Moira Shire Council since I was elected in 2012 and I have served two years as Mayor.


2. What do you think is the greatest strength of the Moira Community?

 I believe that the Moira Community has many strengths including the people and the variety of attractions that the “Mighty” Murray River, the climate and the rural lifestyle offer to residents and tourists. Irrigation is important for the diverse agricultural industries in Moira Shire and the multiculturalism has helped to develop and expand the range of food that is produced here.

3. What made you decide to run for Council?

I decided to run for Council because I have had a strong interest in the community for a number of years and I believed that I could contribute. I was keen to tackle the challenges that face Moira Shire and I wanted to help in making a difference. I believe it is important to encourage and support new and existing businesses to help create jobs so that the shire can develop and prosper.

4. What do you hope to achieve in your term as a Moira Shire Councillor?

I am keen to represent the interests of all the people across the whole of the Moira Shire and to address the issues that face them as a community. I am a good listener and I want to be part of a team of councillors that have planned efficiently and effectively for the future of the Shire. I want to assist Council to work with state and federal government as well as our business community so that we are able to see our region grow and prosper.  

5. What is your favourite thing to do in Moira?

I really love spending time with my wife, family and friends as we enjoy all the wonderful attractions that are available to everyone in Moira Shire and the surrounding areas. Mostly I enjoy exploring, with my wife, grandchildren and family, the natural attractions that are available to us such as the birds, animals, rivers and the forests when we walk, ride or drive around the area.