Special Rates and Charges Policy review

Submissions closed on 20 October 2021, 05:00 PM


Council is inviting the community to provide feedback on its draft Special Rates and Charges Policy. 

The purpose of the Special Rates and Charges Policy is to provide guidance on how Council will implement and administer special rates and special charges that assist to fund the construction of new infrastructure or joint services, such as construction of kerb and channel, footpaths or marketing programs.

Council recognises that it does not have the financial resources to fully fund the upgrade of all existing infrastructure to current standards. Where Council considers that infrastructure improvements provide special benefits to abutting properties a Special Rate and Charge Scheme may be explored to share the costs. These benefits can include improvements in amenity, access, safety or economic benefits.

Council will achieve this using special rate and charge schemes that are implemented in accordance with this policy, section 163 of the Local Government Act 1989 and Ministerial Guidelines.

The main changes in the draft policy from Councils current Special Rates and Charges include:

  • Expanded purpose
  • Process to initiate and develop a scheme
  • Cost apportionment principles listed
  • Option for charge to be per parcel (saleable lot) or property (assessment)
  • Inclusion of engineering and administration costs in total scheme cost
  • Set non-response to any survey as a ‘do not support’ vote
  • Scheme length based on total debt
  • Simplified beneficiary principles

We are seeking your feedback on our draft Special Rates and Charges Policy.

  • Submissions can be made in the following ways:

    - By mail to PO Box 578 Cobram Vic 3643
    - By email to info@moira.vic.gov.au
    - Online below

  • Your submission must be received by 5pm Wednesday 20 October 2021.
  • All submissions received by the deadline will be considered by Council prior to deciding whether to proceed with the draft policy, with or without amendment.

If you have any questions about making a submission, please contact our friendly Customer Experience team on (03) 5871 9222.

The feedback period has now ended.


Collection Statement 

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