Project goals

1. Size
Did you know that more than a third of Yarrawonga residents are local library members? To properly service a town with Yarrawonga’s population the library needs at least 650m2 – our current library is only 240m2 and Yarrawonga’s population is estimated to grow by 20% by 2026.

2. Services
Libraries are community hubs that provide safe, inclusive and welcoming places for all ages, abilities and interests. The Yarrawonga Library will combine traditional library services with online technology and flexible spaces that can cater for more activities including regular author talks and exhibitions, Wi-fi and online study areas, lounge style youth areas and indoor and outdoor children’s zones.

3. Site
The best location for a library is a site that is very visible, has a large volume of passing pedestrian traffic and a strong sense of personal safety. For this reason, a location in the main street of a town is highly recommended and is a key factor in encouraging people to explore what a modern library has to offer, and making the facility attractive and accessible to youth and younger age groups.

4. Affordable
The Yarrawonga Library redevelopment needs to be affordable. Council will need to consider any costs of purchasing and preparing a site, building the facility as well as the ongoing operational and potential to support future expansion.

5. Value for money
Can the project deliver more benefits without compromising the delivery of a modern library? These potential benefits can take many forms including enhancing the local street scape, improving delivery of council services, providing improved event/performance facilities and outdoor green spaces and improving access within and use of existing council buildings.