Upper Broken and Boosey Creek Flood Study

The Upper Broken and Boosey Creek Flood Study Project Steering Committee will oversee this flood study.

More information on flood mappings and study area.

The objective of this project is to produce flood intelligence and mapping products for the floodplains associated within the Boosey and Upper Broken Creeks and its tributaries to some 5 kilometres downstream of the Broken Creek discharge gauging station at Katamatite.

More specifically, but not limited to, the Study will determine the impacts of flooding at Katamatite, Tungamah, Wilby, Lake Rowan, St James, Devenish, Thoona and Goorambat. Mapping will be used for emergency management planning, planning schemes and Total Flood Warning Systems (which are commensurate with flood risk).

Flood mapping - sub catchment areas.

Upper Broken.JPG