Travel exemption for fire season preparation

With the summer fire season imminent, there is a need for owners of properties to prepare for the fire season. A process has been developed to allow councils to issue a travel exemption for property owners to attend their property to undertake fire preparedness work.

Eligibility is based on a range of factors including the location of the property, the area’s Bushfire Management Overlay, the works to be undertaken, and the period of requested travel. 

Travel can be undertaken from 11 October 2021 onwards.

Property owners are strongly encouraged to use local contractors and businesses to prepare your property to avoid travelling, as per the government guidelines.

If you own a property within Moira Shire and wish to apply for a permit to travel to your property please click "Apply Now" button below and complete the application form.

Applications will take between 2 and 5 business days to process.

Property owners will be required to:

• travel within a defined 72 hour period requested by them
• only stay overnight at the property if required
• follow all restrictions in place at their primary residence

On receipt of an application, Council will confirm:

• the applicant owns the property
• the property is situated within a Bushfire Management Overlay or is determined to require fire preparedness.
• the intended works to be undertaken
• the period of intended travel; including the dates of travel and the duration of stay by the owner (maximum 72 hours)
• that only members of the owner’s immediate household are travelling with them

Following this assessment, successful applicants will be provided with:

• a letter to the owner allowing travel, subject to conditions
• a copy of a letter from the Chief Health Officer and Police Commissioner explaining the responsibilities of the property owner and the penalties for not complying

The owner or the nominated representative will have to adhere to the following conditions:

• Travel directly to my property from my primary residence
• Travel only with members from my primary residence household
• Travel with my regional property rates notice to show as proof of ownership
• Travel to and from my regional property to the nearest waste disposal site/landfill/waste transfer centre
• Travel to and from my regional property only within the dates specified above
• Stay overnight within the bounds of my regional property
• Abide by the relevant directions set by the Chief Health Officer for my primary place of residence, and have read and understand the accompanying letter from the Chief Health Officer
• Travel directly home to my primary residence from the regional property

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