Animal, mosquito and insect hazards

Mosquito's breed well in stagnant waters and so the best advice is to drain any water from containers such as pot plants, tyres, buckets and roof gutters (if blocked by leaf debris) to control mosquito's around your home / business. It is also important to protect yourself from mosquito bites by wearing long, loose fitting clothing and by regularly applying repellent (containing Picaridin or DEET) to all exposed skin.

Useful tips on how to avoid being bitten by mosquito's can be found here

Animal hazards

Be aware of snakes that have been sheltering in unexpected places including sheds and homes. If you accidently do get bitten by a snake get immediate medical attention by calling triple zero (000).

Do not approach wild or stray animals. For advice about dealing with animals contact us or an animal shelter.

For urgent animal welfare issues, contact Agriculture Victoria on 136 186 otherwise your local Veterinarian.

Local Wildlife Rescue Shelters

Bohollow Wildlife Shelter for rescues from Katunga to Barmah

Deb phone: 0418 328 671  Kirsty phone: 0447 636 953

Koonawonga Wildlife Rescue for rescues from Strathmerton to Bundalong

Kylee phone: 0417 560 910  Loretta phone: 0417 288 944

National Park information

For the latest list of park closures call 13 19 63 or visit here