Community Planning is about creating a space for community members to discuss the future of their town, to explore possibilities, and to come up with ideas that will make your local community an even stronger, more beautiful and more inclusive place. It is about local people making sustainable change collaboratively, and making good things happen for everyone in their community. Staff from Moira Shire Council's Community Development team are sharing their knowledge with passionate community members to form the Numurkah Community Plan Steering Committee - this committee are driving the community planning process in Numurkah.


In February/March 2020, there was a survey circulating the Numurkah community asking what asking you what you love about Numurkah, what you want Numurkah to be best known for, and if you could choose one thing to happen in the Numurkah community, what would it be. We had a large number of responses to this survey, and just as we were getting ready to start using the data collected to develop some goals and priorities, COVID-19 hit and the community planning process was paused.


We have now re-commenced community planning in Numurkah, and want to check-in with the community to ensure that the data we originally collected still reflects the feelings of the Numurkah Community.


Please complete the following survey:


This survey will be open from Monday 12 April, and will close on Friday 7 May.


The data from the February/March 2020 Numurkah Community Planning Survey can be found below.


If you require any further information, please contact the Community Development Team at Moira Shire Council on or 5871 9222.


Thank you very much for completing this survey!

Numurkah Community Planning Survey Responses