Community Planning is about creating a space for community members to discuss the future of their town, to explore possibilities, and to come up with ideas that will make your local community an even stronger, more beautiful and more inclusive place. It is about local people making sustainable change collaboratively, and making good things happen for everyone in their community. Staff from Moira Shire Council's Community Development team are sharing their knowledge with passionate community members to form the Numurkah Community Plan Steering Committee, which will drive the Community Planning process in Numurkah.


We would love to find out what you think about living, working and playing in Numurkah, and what could make it even better. 


To start with, we'd like to hear about your vision and ideas for Numurkah. This information will be used by the Community Plan Steering Committee to develop the Numurkah Community Plan. This Plan will be used to focus energy in the community on what is important to all of you. It will be launched later in 2020 at a community celebration where we will be looking for people to sign up to help with the projects that they feel passionately about.


After these initial questions, we'd like you to answer some general questions about yourself - this information will be used to see how many different people and groups we hear from.


Lastly, if you'd like to be involved with Community Planning in Numurkah, or stay up-to-date with what's happening, there is a space to leave your contact details (this part is optional).


The survey can be completed online at, or you can collect a copy from the following locations:

  • Numurkah Home Timber & Hardware
  • Ritchies IGA
  • Numurkah Senior Citizens Club
  • Numurkah Visitor Information Centre/Numurkah Community Learning Centre
  • Numurkah Library

Please return your survey to the boxes at the above mentioned places by Friday 6 March 2020.


If you require any further information, please contact the Community Development Team at Moira Shire Council on or 5871 9222.


Thank you very much for completing this survey!