RECONCILIATION WEEK Online exhibition 2020



As part of the 2020 National Reconciliation Week's theme "In this together" we have had some wonderful art work sent in to show what this means to you.

NRW NRW - Image 3.jpgCrayfish NRW Kookaburra pic2.JPGKookaburra pic3Kookaburra pic4Long necked turtleLong necked turtle2Long necked turtle4 Long necked turtle3Long necked turtle5Long necked turtle6Long necked turtle7Long necked turtle8Loving Moira1   Loving Moira's Natives_Page_09.jpg Loving Moira's Natives_Page_10.jpg Loving Moira's Natives_Page_11.jpg Loving Moira's Natives_Page_12.jpg Loving Moira's Natives_Page_13.jpg Loving Moira's Natives_Page_14.jpg Loving Moira's Natives_Page_15.jpg Loving Moira's Natives Page 18MicrobatsPlatypus picPlatypus pic2Rakali picRakali pic2Rakali pic3Rakali pic4Rakali pic5Rakali pic6Sea eaglesTrout cod 6Trout cod picTrout cod pic4Trout cod pic5Trout codTrout codsTrout picTrout pic2Yabby picYabby pic2