Draft - Economic Development Strategy 2019-2023

Council has presented a Draft Economic Development Strategy to ensure we retain a thriving, resilient economy into the future.

Eco Dev Draft Strategy(PDF, 1MB)   5 priorities.JPG

To capitalise on our strengths, advantages and opportunities the Strategy has identified the following five key priority areas:

  • Priority 1: Enhancing infrastructure and land use - access to infrastructure and appropriately developed land are fundamental for economic activity to prosper in our shire.
  • Priority 2: Providing information, learning and networking - when creating networking opportunities we believe there will be further business relationships built to enhance businesses to grow.
  • Priority 3: Encouraging growth, innovation and diversification - promoting new business models, identifying market destinations, changing land and irrigation practices will ensure economical growth.
  • Priority 4: Fostering the visitor economy - the opportunity to raise awareness of our region as a tourism destination.
  • Priority 5: Making great places for people - building on the memorable and distinctive landmarks in the community.

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