Moira Shire Support - Covid-19

Whether it’s local businesses, community groups or individuals, here at Moira Shire we have been putting together a range of support services and fee waivers to help you out. We have information on rates and rents through to business training workshops and tourism initiatives that will see us ready to move forward once the time is right. 

Downloadable PDF version here(PDF, 3MB)  

 Moira Shire Council Economic Support for Business and Community.jpgMoira Shire Council Economic Support for Business and Community page 2.jpg(PDF, 3MB)

* Council will rebate residential rates by both the Variable rate and Municipal Charge for new homes for one year. This will apply from the date of occupancy on a new primary place of residence for a residential or rural house built in Moira Shire with a CIV less than $400,000 and completed by 30 June 2021. Ratepayers can apply for the rebate by sending in their first issued rates notice with their occupancy certificate. This offer will be available for a limited time only and will be capped at 100 houses.