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Urban Fruit Tree Removal Extended

Publish Date: 07/12/2017

Our extremely popular urban fruit tree removal program to combat infestations of Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) has been extended for a second time.

You now have until the end of December to apply to have a fruit tree you can no longer manage or want removed, free of charge.

Trees are removed by a fully insured private contractor. Help protect your community and our multi-billion dollar horticultural industry from QFF.

Mayor Libro Mustica said a community effort was required to stop the spread of QFF with gardeners reminded now is the time to apply control measures in their home garden.

"Weather conditions over recent weeks have been ideal for fruit flies to mature and mate, resulting in the possibility of a fruit fly spike if control measures are not activated and applied diligently," Mayor Mustica said.

"We are asking the community to assist in reducing the spread of QFF by taking action in their home garden now, even if they can’t see evidence of fruit fly."

More than 300 fruit fly traps have been distributed across the Goulburn Murray Valley and are checked weekly.

"Traps have been deployed in rural and urban areas and will remain in place until March to allow for the identification and analysis of changes in fruit fly numbers," Mayor Mustica said.

"Fruit fly is a serious risk to the region’s multi-billion dollar horticulture industry, backyard orchards and vegetable gardens.

"A combined community effort is essential in protecting our region."

To apply for your urban fruit tree to be removed or for more information please phone Moira Shire Council on 5871 9222.

Pic Mayor Libro Mustica visited local stone fruit farmer Sam Sorrenti this week with Goulburn Murray Valley Regional Fruit Fly Coordinator Ross Abberfield and Win News to discuss the measures Moira Shire Council is putting in place to stop the spread of QFF.

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