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Moira Shire Council urges summer safety check-up

Publish Date: 18/11/2016

With the weather warming up over the next few days and grass drying off, Moira Shire Council is urging local residents and property owners to complete a summer safety check-up of their home, property and local area to identify and address potential safety issues.

Moira Shire Manager of Safety and Amenity Sally Rice said: "If you’re unsure about your pool or fire safety obligations call Council and speak to one of our Fire Prevention Officers or Building staff who will assist you. If required, we may be able to assist with an onsite visit."

"Action now could save lives and prevent damage to your and your neighbour’s property this summer."

Moira’s 13 point summer safety checklist

  1. Remove any fire hazards including dry timber, cardboard boxes and other combustible material from around your property and home.
  2. Slash or mow long grass – before a few hot days turns it into a fire risk or it becomes a home for snakes and vermin.
  3. Remove materials such as wire, metal or glass bottles that could accidently spark a fire if hit with a slasher or mower.
  4. Take any tyres, plastic drums or chemical materials to your local transfer station. Council offers year round services to appropriately dispose of these materials. Burning of combustible materials such as tyres, plastic drums or chemical materials is prohibited and hefty fines and or imprisonment may result.
  5. If your neighbour is away or a neighbouring property is vacant and you have concerns please contact your neighbour in the first instance. If your concerns are not addressed, you can then advise Council and we will inspect and follow up with the landowner.
  6. Talk with your tenants to ensure fire hazards are addressed including mowing or slashing long grass.
  7. Ensure a compliant and working smoke alarm is installed in every dwelling or sole-occupancy unit - it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that they are installed and working.
  8. If there are many unrelated people living in the same house or you provide accommodation on an individual room or bed basis then additional safety requirements and building approvals must be met by the property owner. Council’s Building Department can assist and help clarify your obligations.
  9. Check pool gates are working properly – pool gates should shut automatically without assistance.
  10. Check your pool fence for any damage and remove items such as furniture that could be used to climb over the barrier.
  11. If an above ground or inflatable pool is on the Christmas list, please be aware that in Victoria any pool with a depth of more than 300 mm (30cm) must comply with Victorian pool safety regulations which include a permit and safety barriers.
  12. Discuss any pool safety concerns with your tenants or landlord - both owners and occupiers are responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure a pool or spa fence or barrier is maintained and operating properly.

  13. Check with your insurer that your insurance is the right type and level to cover your needs- particularly if you have renovated your home, installed a pool, built a shed or made other substantial changes to your home or property.

Council officers have begun annual fire hazard inspections across the Shire and are required to issue Prevention Notices to landowners where hazards are identified.

Failure to comply with fire prevention and compliance notices could result in an on the spot fine of $1555, or a maximum fine of up to $18,655, up to 12 months imprisonment or both if a Court decides.

The lighting of fires in a residential or built up area is prohibited throughout the year. Depending on where the land is situated, burning-off grass or stubble in preparation of crop sowing or other farm activities may be permitted. If you plan to burn-off you need to follow Council regulations and contact the CFA on 1800 668 511 or visit the CFA website.

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