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Moira Shire Council rate notices on their way

Publish Date: 02/08/2016

Moira Shire Council ratepayers will soon start receiving their 2016/17 rate notices – the first under the State Government’s 2.5% rate cap.

Moira Shire Council CEO Mark Henderson said that while Council had approved a 2.5% rate rise, the impact on individual rate notices would vary from this amount.

“The 2.5% rate cap applies to the total rates revenue collected by Council. It coincides with the revaluation of all properties across Victoria and the change in your property’s value will determine whether your general rates have increased by more or less than 2.5%,” Mr Henderson said.

“The rise or fall of property values doesn’t mean Council collects more or less rates – it just redistributes the amount of rates across all properties.”

“In fact, Moira Shire’s property values have on average increased by 6.8% over the past two years, so we have reduced the rate-in-the-dollar for all property classifications to ensure we do not exceed the rate cap,” said Mr Henderson.

Mr Henderson said Council was pleased to keep rises of other charges on the rate notices to 2.5% with no increase for the organics (green bin) kerbside collection service.

“Rate revenue is vital for funding all the services we provide across the community from footpaths and roads to immunisations, libraries and sporting facilities,” said Mr Henderson.

Council also collects the Fire Services Property Levy on behalf of the State Government.  This is not included in the rate cap.

Council provides three payment options – payment in full by 15 February 2017, payment in four instalments by 30 September, 30 November, 28 February 2017 and 31 May 2017, and 10 direct debit instalments.

“The ten direct debit instalments can make managing your budget easier.  If you would like to take advantage of this option, please call us so we can set it up for you,” said Mr Henderson.

“If you already have a 10 direct debit instalment plan in place this will automatically continue with your 2016/17 rates. To cancel your plan please notify Council in writing.

“If you would prefer alternative arrangements please talk with your bank or financial institution about online banking and setting up your own payment program – just make sure the full instalment or lump sum amounts are paid by the due dates on your rate notice,” Mr Henderson said.

“This is a great option for anyone wanting to make smaller, more frequent payments, pay different amounts at regular intervals or make regular payments using a credit card. And you can vary your payments schedule using online banking anytime, anywhere.

“We recognise that individuals experience financial hardship from time to time. We encourage anyone experiencing financial hardship to call us to talk through the assistance options that may be available.”

The instalment and payment in full dates as well as the penalty interest rate that applies to late payments are set by the Victorian Government and are the same for all Victorian Councils.

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How does rate capping work? from MAV on Vimeo.

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