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Organic waste purple bag rolls rolling out

Publish Date: 20/09/2016

Council’s kerbside collection contractor has begun delivering rolls of purple organic waste bags to households in Cobram, Nathalia, Numurkah and Yarrawonga.

The rolls of 150 bags are provided each year for use with the kitchen caddies and are a key part of the organic waste kerbside collection service. The bags are made from special plastic that breaks down in the organic waste processing.

Normal plastic bags and other types of bio-degradeable bags contaminate the organic waste. Once contaminated the waste cannot be reused on parks and gardens and must be disposed in landfill which attracts further fees and charges.

"In every month since the service was introduced we have achieved contamination levels at or around 0.5% - that’s well below the best practice target of 1% and shows that every week thousands of households across Moira Shire are using the service appropriately,” said Sally Rice Moira Shire Council’s Manager Safety, Amenity and Environment.

"Research and experience with the service over the past 20 months shows that the 150 bag rolls match the needs of the average household for 12 months,“ said Ms Rice.

Delivery of the rolls will continue over the next six weeks.

"If you have the organic waste kerbside collection service and you do not receive your new roll of purple bags by the end of October please call Council,” said Ms Rice.

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