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Keep your pet's details up-to-date

Publish Date: 10/07/2017

Moira Shire Council is urging almost 500 of the shire’s 6500 pet owners to follow up their outstanding annual pet registration to avoid potential fines.

Reminder notices were issued in May for pet owners who did not renew their registration.

Moira Shire General Manager of Infrastructure Andrew Close urged residents to make sure their pets were registered and to notify Council if circumstances had changed.

“It’s really important for pet owners to register their pet but it’s equally important to advise us in writing if the pet no longer lives at the address on the registration,” Mr Close said.

“The community generally recognises that pet registration helps with responsible pet ownership and public safety, but it can come as a surprise to learn that you need to let us know in writing that a pet is deceased or no longer living at the address to avoid fines being inadvertently issued,” Mr Close said.

Victorian Legislation requires Moira Shire Council to maintain up-to-date records of all pets within the shire.

Mr Close said keeping your address up-to-date could also avoid ending up in Court for failing to respond to correspondence.

“We must have written notification of the death of a pet or if it no longer lives in the shire.  Unfortunately we are unable accept verbal confirmation,” said Mr Close.

State Legislation requires all cats and dogs over three months old to be registered.

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