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Moira signs environmental upgrade with Booth Transport

Publish Date: 01/02/2018

Booth Transport has signed its second Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) with Moira Shire Council and Sustainable Melbourne Fund.

The agreement will fund a $4 million water treatment facility at the Booth Transport site in Strathmerton and is the largest EUA project in regional Australia; the company’s first EUA was used to install a 393kw solar system as well as a 150kw Tesla indoor battery storage facility.

Currently waste water generated from washing the milk tanks and storage silos is transported off site for disposal.

By treating the water on site, combining a worm farm and desalination technology, the project will add 121,000 kilolitres into the irrigation system each year.

Mayor Libro Mustica said the much needed jobs resulting from this investment will play an important role in not only retaining, but attracting people to our region.

“This project will also provide economic stimulation in Moira Shire and the broader region, benefiting other businesses in the supply chain,” Cr Mustica said.

“The funding of $4 million to build a specialised water treatment plant incorporates innovative technology not used in Australia before.

“Outside the City of Melbourne, this deal makes Moira Shire the top of the EUA leaderboard by investment volume.

“More than 120 million litres of recycled water can now flow back into the irrigation system each year with this water critical to our local dairy and agricultural businesses.”

Cr Mustica said total greenhouse gas savings of 3,000 tonnes per year is also expected.

“Over the estimated 25 year life span of the project the greenhouse gas savings would be around 69,000 tonnes,” he said.

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