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Nathalia community invited to Flood Information Day

Publish Date: 17/05/2016

A demonstration of Moira Shire’s demountable flood levee will be the highlight of a Flood Readiness Community Information day in Nathalia next Wednesday 25 May.

The demountable levee became a national focal point during the 2012 floods. Since then Council has upgraded the Weir street footpath and reinforced it with concrete plinths.

Moira Shire Mayor Gary Cleveland said, “When the levee was constructed in 2012, we drilled into the road surface.  The new alignment along the reinforced Weir St footpath will improve the effectiveness of the levee.”

The levee is a series of aluminium panels, slotted together to form a barrier and is designed to withstand flood heights of up to 1.5 metres.  The levee can be rapidly transported and set up in the event of a flood.

“As part of the day, we will predrill anchor points in the footpath and establish levels, meaning the demountable levee can be set up quickly in the event of a flood,” Mayor Cleveland said.

“The levee runs 320 metres along Weir Street between Blake Street and Federation Street and an additional section runs 120 metres along Bromley Street from Blake Street to Gifford Street,” said Mayor Cleveland.

Other sections would normally be installed across Blake Street and Railway Street in a flood to complete the town’s earthen levee; however the Weir Street section is the focus of this exercise.

“The demonstration means that the levee can be set up correctly without the pressure of an impending flood and also shows the community our level of flood preparedness.”

As part of the day, the community are invited to inspect the levee and meet with Council staff.  There will also be demonstrations from the State Emergency Service and copies of the Nathalia flood preparedness guide will be available.

The day is on Wednesday 25 May between 12-2pm at Apex Park, Weir Street, Nathalia.  All are welcome.

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