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Moira urges caution on local roads

Publish Date: 24/06/2016

Moira Shire is urging all road users to make sure they drive to the conditions as prolonged wet weather delays Council’s road maintenance programs.

Moira Shire Council General Manager Infrastructure Andrew Close said the sustained wet weather was limiting Council’s ability to complete its regular road maintenance and grading works along its 4500 km road network that includes 3500km of unsealed roads.

"At more than 4500 km, end to end our road network would stretch from Brisbane to Perth. It’s a huge network that requires continuous year round maintenance.

"The prolonged wet weather is limiting our ability to complete our usual maintenance works, and is also increasing the work load causing potholes along our sealed road network and increased damage along road edges and unsealed roads.

"We are calling on road users to be cautious particularly on roads that may have water over the surface that can hide defects and make driving conditions hazardous.

"We also want road users to be aware that they are sharing the road with more than cars – we have reports of increased livestock and farm machinery on the roads as on-farm tracks and lanes have become impassable.

"Livestock and the large-tread vehicles often leave clay, mud and other deposits on the roads so please slow down, drive to the conditions and respect other road users."

Mr Close also urged the community and road users to help keep the roads safe and minimise the repairs and maintenance requirements.

"If you see dangerous conditions or potholes please call us and we will visit the site, assess the damage and schedule the repairs," said Mr Close.

"Avoid using ‘dry weather only’ roads – they may look fine and you may think your 4WD or off road vehicle can get through but continued use in wet conditions damages the form and surface of the roads.

"Please keep pipes and culverts under private driveways clean and serviceable which helps the local drainage network to operate effectively and move water away from the roads."

We will bring in extra contract grading crews to get on top of the conditions and continue to provide a safe road network - we just need it to stop raining for a bit to let the roads dry out. If we get in and grade too soon we could make a bigger mess. Also the bitumen products we use on our sealed roads won’t take while the road surface is wet.

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