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Moira Shire 2016 Community Satisfaction Survey results release

Publish Date: 28/06/2016

Moira Shire Council has achieved community satisfaction levels for the majority of its core measures that are equal to or better than the results achieved last year and when compared to other large rural councils.

The core measures include community satisfaction with overall performance, advocacy, making community decisions, sealed local roads and overall council direction.

"These are positive results that we shall continue to build on," said Moira Shire Mayor Gary Cleveland.

Residents of Numurkah/Nathalia, Yarrawonga and Cobram were generally more satisfied with Moira Shire Council’s performance than residents outside the main towns.

The annual Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey is commissioned by the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning (DEWLP) on behalf of the majority of Local Councils across Victoria. The survey involved 500 telephone interviews with a broad cross section of the Moira community during February and March 2016.

"The Survey Report, along with reports from previous years, is available from our website and I encourage the community to have a look at the survey and its findings," said Mayor Cleveland.

Mayor Cleveland said Council had mixed results for two other core measures. Satisfaction with Council’s community consultation was below the State average but had improved on last year and when compared with other large rural councils.

"Customer service is the stand-out result. Two out of three respondents rated Council’s customer service as very good or good and it is our highest rating core measure. The 2016 result for customer service is equal to other large rural Councils however we have dropped from last year and we are below the state average so there is definitely scope for us to improve," said Mayor Cleveland.

Mayor Cleveland said the customer service indicator reflected much more than over the counter interactions.

"Customer service is delivered by every single staff member and Councillor every day of the week – it’s one measure that applies to everyone involved in the business," said Mayor Cleveland.

A major component of the survey is the community’s feedback on 19 service areas. Survey participants were asked to rate the service areas in terms of their importance and also Council’s performance in delivering the service.

"In theory this type of surveying helps us understand whether the service is valued and then assess whether the performance result indicates a need to increase or adjust the financial, staff and other resources we invest into delivering the service," explained Mayor Cleveland.

The survey also asked whether respondents would prefer to see a rate rise or service cuts.

"This is the first year more than half of the community indicated they would prefer service cuts – in previous years the majority have supported a rate rise. In fact the survey results show a two-to-one preference for service cuts with nearly one in four undecided," said Mayor Cleveland.

"With Rate Capping impacting on our ability to fund services and programs, the survey provides statistically relevant feedback to inform our future service delivery and planning," said Mayor Cleveland.

Copies of the survey are on display at Council’s service centres and from its website here and the statewide report is available from

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