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Retail Policy Framework for Cobram and Yarrawonga

We are seeking feedback from business, retailers and the community on our draft retail policy frameworks for Cobram and Yarrawonga.

We have commissioned independent experts to prepare a draft retail policy framework for each of the Shire’s growth towns to assist future planning, zoning and development of retail activity.

Both Cobram and Yarrawonga are thriving and have attracted new investment interest recently. A clear policy direction will guide retail development in the towns of Cobram and Yarrawonga, will ensure the expansion and diversification of local retail and will also support local employment and tourism.

The reports look at current retail floor space and whether there is a shortfall now or in the future as a result of population growth in these towns.

If population growth in Cobram and Yarrawonga grows as predicted over the next 15 years, the demand for retail floor space will increase by at least 15% in Cobram and by at least 10% in Yarrawonga.

Copies are available below or from our Customer Service centres in Cobram and Yarrawonga.





 Download the Background Analysis Report (5.17MB)

 Download the Options Report (4.30 MB)


Tell us what you think.  You can provide feedback via email, mail to Moira Shire Council, PO Box 578, Cobram 3643  or use the form below.

Feedback closes Wednesday 12 July 2017.

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