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Councillor and Mayoral allowances

Councils must review and determine the level of the Councillor allowance and the Mayoral allowance by 30 June following an election.

We propose to maintain our Councillor and Mayoral allowances at the level already set by the Victorian Government - $24,730 per annum for Councillors and $76,521 per annum for the Mayor.

Council is required to consider all written submissions received by 5pm 1 June 2017.

  • You can make a submission to Council online, by mail or at our Service Centres.
  • Your submission must be received by Council by 5pm Thursday 1 June 2017 and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Moira Shire Council, PO Box 578, Cobram VIC 3643.
  • When you lodge your submission, please indicate if you, or your representative, would like to speak to your submission at the Special meeting of Council on Monday 5 June commencing at 6pm.

What happens to your submission?

  • All submissions received by Council by 5pm Thursday 1 June 2017 will be considered by Council prior to adoption of the Mayoral and Councillor Allowances.
  • Council is required to provide written responses to all submission – these are provided after the Council adopts the Mayoral and Councillor Allowances.
  • The proposed Mayoral and Councillor Allowances will be provided for council’s consideration and possible adoption at a special Council Meeting.
  • All submissions (including submitter’s name and address) will be available at the Meeting and on public display for the following 12 months.
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