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Planning Forms and Brochures

Fees and Charges

The attached documents outline Council's Town Planning Fees and Charges.

Please be advised that additional charges may occur if your planning application requires advertising, certification, preparation of Section 173 Agreement or a valuation to be undertaken.

New planning and subdivision fee regulations were gazetted on September 27 and will apply to all Victorian Councils from October 13, 2016.

Detailed information on the new fees and the background to the Victorian Government’s Fees Review can be found on the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning website.


Planning and Environment Fees Regulations 2016 – Commencing 1 July 2017.pdf



Planning Permit Application Form
Application to Amend a Planning Permit Form
VicSmart Planning Permit Application Form
Application for an amendment under Secondary Consent
Application for Extension of Time to a Planning Permit
Application for Preparation, Removal or Amendment to Section 173 Agreement
Lodgement of Plans to comply with Planning Permit Conditions
Clause 54 Assessment
Clause 55 Assessment
Native Vegetation Planning Permit Applicants Kit - website link
Whole Farm Plan Certification Application Form
Submission to Planning Permit Application
Objection to Town Planning Scheme Amendment


Fire Ready Frequently Asked Questions
Fire Ready Managing Erosion and Landslip Risk
Fire Ready Preparing for Bushfire
Interim Measures of Bushfire Protection

Plan Pacs

Plan Pac Advertising Signage
Plan Pac Business Planning
Plan Pac Construction Single Multi Dwelling
Plan Pac Industrial
Plan Pac Rural Dwelling
Plan Pac Rural Shed
Plan Pac Rural Subdivision
Plan Pac Shed
Plan Pac Urban Subdivision
Plan Pac Waiver Car Parking
Plan Pac Whole Farm Plan
Plan Pac Native Vegetation



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