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Development Plans

Similar to other Councils in Victoria, the Moira Shire Council has development plans that specifically relates to its area. A development plan is a statutory document which guides the type of development that can occur within the Council area.  Development plans are one of the tools Council planners use to assess planning permit applications. The detail of each development plan could differ from one Council area to the other to reflect local circumstances.

Role of the development plan

Development plans:

  • Inform the community about how an area is expected to be developed in future;
  • Inform local residents about the kind of development they can expect in their neighbourhood;
  • Inform applicants about the type of development that is encouraged in an particular area;
  • Provide the basis against which planning permits are considered; and
  • Provide the basis upon which appeal decisions are made.

Development plans could consist of a number of different zones such as commercial, residential  and industrial zones to name but a few.  Development plans aim to ensure that the lifestyle needs of residents and businesses can be achieved in the most beneficial manner. Development plans outline what land uses are envisaged in a zone as well as stipulating the desired character for a given area, zone or policy area.

Accessing development plans

You can download the Development Plans adopted by Council from the links below.

Alternatively, hard copies are available for viewing at the Moira Shire Council Planning Department, located at the Main Administration Centre in Cobram.

Cobram - Approved Plans

Yarrawonga - Approved Plans

Numurkah - Approved Plans

Nathalia - Approved Plans

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