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Roads, Streets & Drains

Council is responsible for construction and maintenance of all local roads, streets and urban drainage networks which serve your municipality.

New Roads, streets and drains are funded by Special Charge Schemes, Grants and Council funds.

Vic Roads undertake maintenance and construction works for the state highways and arterial roads which carry a large volume of commercial and tourist traffic through the area.

The following roads in Moira Shire are maintained by VicRoads. For all maintenance and emergency repair requests, please contact VicRoads on 131 170.


Start and finishing points

Barmah-Shepparton Road

From Pogues Road, Kaarimba to Moor Street, Barmah
(including Murray Street, Barmah from Moor Street to Campaspe Shire border)

Belmore Street

From Murray Valley Highway to Corowa Shire border, Yarrawonga

Benalla-Tocumwal Road

From Murray Valley Highway, Yarroweyah to Tungamah Boundary Road/South Boundary Road, Yundool (including Beek Street, Katamatite)

Benalla-Yarrawonga Road

From Murray Valley Highway, Yarrawonga to South Boundary Road, St James
Broadway Street From Cobram-Koonoomoo Road to Warkil Street/Gregory Street, Cobram
Cobram South Road From Murray Valley Highway, Cobram to Benalla-Tocumwal Road, Muckatah
Cobram-Koonoomoo Road From Murray Valley Highway, Cobram to Goulburn Valley Highway, Koonoomoo
Goulburn Valley Highway From Boundary Road, Wunghnu to Murray Valley Highway, Strathmerton
From Murray Valley Highway, Yarroweyah to Berrigan Shire border, Koonoomoo
(including Carlisle Street, Wunghnu [excluding service roads])
Katamatite-Nathalia Road From Benalla-Tocumwal Road, Katamatite to Goulburn Valley Highway, Numurkah
And from Goulburn Valley Highway, Numurkah to Murray Valley Highway, Nathalia
Katamatite-Shepparton Road From Katamatite-Nathalia Road, Katamatite to Boundary Road/Marungi Road, Marungi
Katamatite-Yarrawonga Road From Benalla-Tocumwal Road, Katamatite to Benalla-Yarrawonga Road, Yarrawonga
Mookarii Street From Warkil Street/Gregory Street to Berrigan Shire border, Cobram
Murray Valley Highway From Campaspe Shire border, Kotupna to Indigo Shire border, Esmond
(including Blake Street/Elizabeth Street, Nathalia [excluding service roads])
(including Telford Street, Yarrawonga)
Tungamah Main Road From Benalla-Tocumwal Road, Youanmite to Benalla-Yarrawonga Road, Tungamah
(including Middleton Street, Tungamah)
Wangaratta-Yarrawonga Road From Murray Valley Highway, Esmond to Tungamah-Peechelba Road, Peechelba

Enquiries in relation to the investigation and design of new road or drainage work, can be directed to the Infrastructure Planning Department.

Matters relating to maintenance of existing roads or drains should be referred to the Operations Department.

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