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Asset Management

Asset Management Plan

Moira Shire Council has prepared an Asset Management Plan. This plan establishes the process for operation, maintenance, renewal, refurbishment and upgrade of Council’s assets, reflecting the current situation.

The Moira Shire Council Asset Management Plan has been prepared in accordance with the following Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice:

  •   Local Government Act, 1989;
  •   Local Government (Best Value Principles) Act 1999; and
  •   International Infrastructure Management Manual.

Individual (sub) asset management plans have been created for each asset type. These individual (sub) plans are attached to the overall plan as appendices and contain the following information:

  • asset portfolio summary;
  • sub assets details;
  • valuations;
  • current condition summary;
  • intervention level;
  • asset life; and
  • estimated renewal demand.

Asset Management Policy

Moira Shire Council is responsible for $730 million of assets, including land, roads, footpaths, buildings, bridges, drainage, waste, recreational and open space assets. Council reviewed and adopted an Asset Management Policy on 22 March 2017.

Asset Management Strategy

An Asset Management Strategy (adopted 16 May 2011) was prepared to:

  • enhance the Asset Management Policy;
  • compile existing asset management practices into a single document; and
  • identify areas for improvement for asset management in order to meet national benchmarks.

Moira Shire Council’s Asset Management Policy states that responsible asset management will be achieved by adopting the principles of:

  • sustainability, preserving assets for future generations to use; and
  • liability management, ensuring that assets are safe for use by the current generation.

The Asset Management Strategy identifies how this is being achieved, by recording our current status and identifying improvement actions required to meet national benchmarks, in particular the National Asset Management Assessment Framework (NAMAF). It will assist Council officers in improving the effective management and maintenance of Moira Shire Council assets.

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