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Domestic Recycling Service

All residents that receive a waste collection will also receive a recycling collection. A 240ltr bin has been provided to householders for this service.  Recycling bins provide you with a simple but very effective way to help protect our environment and resources. Collection is performed on a fortnightly basis.

All of the following recyclables can be placed together in your recycling bin:

Aluminium Drink Cans and Foil

Must be flattened

Glass bottles/jars

No pyrex, crockery, ceramics or plate glass

P.E.T. & PVC Plastic Soft Drink & Juice Bottles

Rocket bottom and juice bottles both clear and coloured.
All lids and caps to be removed and bottles rinsed.

HDPE Plastic 

Milk and cream bottles, shampoo and washing detergent bottles.
All lids and caps to be removed and bottles rinsed.

Steel Cans

Pet food & soup cans (must be cleaned) and aerosol cans.
Do not include lid.

Newspapers and Magazines

Please ensure that your paper, liquid paperboard and
cardboard is loose, not bundled.

Liquid Paper Board – Milk/Juice Cartons, Cream Cartons 

Wash & flatten. Place rinsed and flattened cartons inside
each other to make a brick. 

A good recycling program will benefit all of us in the long term, but the first step begins at home.

Recycling means:

  • Less household waste, litter and pollution.
  • Conserves our natural environment and raw materials.
  • Provides new employment opportunities for collectors and manufacturers.
  • Reduced cartage and tipping costs for you.
  • Prolonged use of valuable tipping space.

Waste Contractor Details

DSKendall Waste Services
PO Box 219
Numurkah Vic 3636
Tel:  (03) 5862 1053
Fax: (03) 5862 3581
Waste Helpline Free Call: 1800 041 041



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