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Organic Waste

In addition to waste and recycling Moira Shire provides a third organic waste bin into its kerbside service in the residential zones of Cobram, Nathalia, Numurkah and Yarrawonga. This service consists of a 240 Litre Organic Waste Bin which is collected fortnightly on the weeks opposing the recycling bin. Each household receiving the service has a small kitchen basket, and ongoing year’s supply of unique compostable bag liners. This is able to be stored on the kitchen top, or under the sink, and used to collect all kitchen scraps and organic material. This is ideally emptied every 2 – 3 days, or when full. The compostable bag can be tied off and then placed into the 240L organics bin.

The introduction of this service came about with global trends to treat or remove organic waste going to landfill. Once Cobram landfill is full, we will never have another landfill in the Shire again. So by excluding organic waste from landfill, we will extend the life by approximately 30%.

The removal of organics from the waste stream has resulted in a large reduction in costs associated with the running and monitoring of landfill, as there will be reduced greenhouse gas emissions, leachate generation and considerable reduction in vermin.

This is a full organics waste service and is able to include all organic material such as;

  • Fruit & Vegetable Scraps               
  • Meat Scraps & Bones
  • Fish & Seafood (incl. Shells)          
  • Dairy Products
  • Teabags & Coffee Grounds          
  • Tissues & Paper Towels
  • Hair
  • Lawn Clippings
  • Garden pruning’s (inc. weeds and rose trimmings)
  • Twigs and branches under 100mm in diameter
  • Animal droppings

The 240L Organics bin is collected by local collection contractor DSK Waste, this business is located in Numurkah and currently services all three residential waste streams in Moira Shire. Once collected, the organic material is transported to Western Composting. Western Composting is a state of the art, leading technology organics processing facility located just north of Shepparton. The material is processed in a highly controlled environment with zero emissions, and results in a fully certified compost, which can then be reused in agriculture and gardening.

The cost of this service is $97.20 per annum on receiving resident’s rates notices. There is an exemption available to those who have a green waste service through a private supplier, and also an allowance for multiple unit blocks to apply for a reduced number of bins to service their body corporate.

Kitchen and Garden Organics Recycling Brochure 
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