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drumMUSTER is the national program, funded by farmers, for collection and recycling of empty, cleaned farm chemical containers.  Chemical users pay a 4c per litre or kilogram levy on eligible products sold in non-returnable containers.  Containers are identified by a logo (sticker, label or embossed) which shows they are eligible for recycling through drumMUSTER. 

Farmers are given a receipt when delivering containers; these receipts are accepted by Quality Assurance programs and Environmental Management Systems as evidence of responsible waste disposal.  All containers accepted by drumMUSTERMUSTER are recycled into products such as wheelie bins, roadside posts, irrigation pipes, vineyard posts and outdoor furniture.  

drumMUSTER is an initiative of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), the National Farmers Federation (NFF), Avcare (the National Association of Crop Production and Animal Health) and the Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association (VMDA) to provide farmers with an environmentally responsible way of disposing of their empty chemical containers. 

Burning chemical containers or burying them uncleaned on farm or in council landfills is illegal and incurs substantial criminal penalties.  

Containers must:

  • carry the drumMUSTER logo
  • be clean, dry and free of chemical residue (rust and dye stains are acceptable)
  • have lids removed and
  • metal drums should be pierced from top through bottom.

drumMUSTER is for empty, clean farm chemical containers only.  If you have old chemicals on your farm that you don’t want to use, phone ChemClear on 1800 008 182 or 02 6230 4799 for assistance in getting rid of the chemicals

For further information, please contact Moira Shire Councils Waste Superintendent or visit the drumMUSTER website.  

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