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Avcare (the National Association for Crop Production and Animal Health), the Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association (VMDA), and the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) together with Agsafe have implemented a new chemical waste disposal program ChemClear® for the safe management of unwanted rural chemicals.

Many unwanted chemicals have accumulated in the community, in particular on rural properties. The safe management of these surplus chemicals is a concern for all property owners or managers, including recent land purchasers who may have limited knowledge and information about the chemicals that remained present on their property after purchase.

The accumulation of unwanted chemicals on your property may result from:

  • Discontinued use of a chemical because of changes in cropping and animal management;
  • Development of newer and safer chemicals; or
  • Changes in registration requirements and/or banning from use.

The following is a guideline for the collection of Group 1 and Group 2 classified chemicals:

Group 1 Chemicals to be collected at no charge:  
  • Are sold only by member companies of Avcare or VMDA ;
  • Are registered agricultural and veterinary products[1] or products whose registration or permit ceased since the last ChemCollect or ChemClear® collection[2];
  • Are in the original non returnable rigid metal, plastic or cardboard container;
  • Are identifiably labeled with the original manufacturer's label, or other permanent and clear identification (which includes the product and manufacturer's name and an indication of the date of manufacture/expiry date);
  • Are not the subject of any other practical routine return program operated by the manufacturer and/or distributors for the product in its original container;
  • Are not part of a special regulatory or voluntary phase-out campaign agreed to between the APVMA (NRA) and the manufacturer(s);
  • Are not the subject of any recall or phase-out as a requirement of the APVMA, where the deadline has expired; and
  • Are not held by Distributors as unwanted inventory[3]

Group 2 Chemicals are:

  • agricultural and veterinary chemicals whose registration has expired more than two years ago, including organochlorine and arsenical insecticides, and
  • farm chemical products of non-Avcare or VMDA members companies that are either currently registered or whose registration or permit ceased since the last collection.

When does a waste become a waste?

A chemical product becomes a waste when it is unwanted as a result of:

  • Having served its purpose and it is no longer of use;
  • Left over or superfluous;
  • Date has expired;
  • Deregistration;
  • Severe restrictions on a products use.

ChemClear® offer a service for the safe collection and disposal of unwanted farm and industry chemicals, this program will help achieve less accumulation of waste products in your community.

How do ChemClear® and drumMUSTER differ?

The ChemClear® program’s objective is to encourage the return for collection and disposal of any unwanted rural chemicals. Any chemical 200ml and above will be accepted under the ChemClear® program.

Any unwanted Group 1 chemical with less than 200ml remaining will be required to be triple or pressure rinsed and returned free of visible residue through the existing drumMUSTER program.

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