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Transfer Stations and Landfills

Moira Shire Council operates nine Transfer Stations in:

  • Barmah;
  • Cobram;
  • Nathalia;
  • Numurkah;
  • Strathmerton;
  • St James;
  • Tungamah;
  • Yabba; and
  • Yarrawonga

Transfer stations accept domestic quantities of household waste and recyclables.

The Municipal Landfill, located in Cobram, accepts commercial quantities of waste and recyclables. The landfill is licenced by the EPA and has a weighbridge which is available for commercial and public use.

Building material is accepted at commercial rates and can be disposed of at the Municipal Landfill. Plasterboard and concrete can also be dropped off at the Yarrawonga Transfer Station as part of trial recycling programs. To reduce disposal costs, separation of materials will significantly reduce fees and charges.

Liquid waste (except uncontaminated oil), dead animals, industrial food waste, hot ashes, hazardous/toxic substances such as chemicals, night soil, sewerage grease trap waste, medical or clinical waste, asbestos, fly ash and paint cannot be accepted at transfer stations or the municipal landfill due to EPA restrictions.

Fees and charges and acceptance of any waste material will be determined by the site operator.

Recycling at the Municipal Landfill & Transfer Stations

Moira Shire Council is committed to encouraging recycling. In addition to kerbside and public place recycling services, Moira's waste management facilities also offer the following recycling services.

Green waste can be deposited at all waste management sites and is turned into mulch which is then available to the public.

Bins are provided at all council waste management facilities to collect electrical products. These products are sent to Melbourne for dismantling and further recycling.

Resource Recovery includes unwanted items such as old furniture, timber, pots, doors, chairs and tables which can be deposited at a nominated transfer station free of charge for Moira residents. The items need to be in reasonable condition and electrical items cannot be accepted for safety reasons. As all goods are second hand and recycled, there are no warranties or guarantees and council does not take any liability for materials accepted.

Scrap steel is collected at all sites. Items such as whitegoods, car bodies, car batteries, gas bottles, fencing material and iron are collected and forwarded to merchants for recycling.

Vehicle Tyres can be deposited at all sites. The tyres are sent on to a tyre recycler and transformed into matting, synthetic grasses and playground bases

Council will accept up to 205 litres of clean oil for recycling at Nathalia, Numurkah and Yarrawonga transfer stations and the Municipal Landfill in Cobram. Incorrectly disposed oil poses many environmental problems for surface water, soil, ground water and animals as it contains pollutants such as lead, arsenic and magnesium.

Plasterboard can be taken to Cobram and Yarrawonga where it is ground into gypsum fertiliser and is available for purchase.

Polystyrene can be deposited free of charge at all transfer stations. Polystyrene must be clean and free of contamination (water, dirt, concrete, food residues)

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