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Reducing Our Ecological Footprint

Inherent in our everyday lives, we purchase and consume vast amounts of resources that enable us to live comfortably. In consuming these resources, we draw upon the natural capacity of the planet to provide and regenerate materials.

As our demand for resources continues to grow, so does our Ecological Footprint. Consuming more than the productive capacity of the globe simply means we are drawing down on ecological assets at a rate faster than they can be replenished. Now, more than ever, we need to reassess our current living practices and lifestyles in order to find ways to reduce our Ecological Footprint.

Useful information about your Ecological Footprint can be found on the EPA Victoria website – Ecological Footprint section

By exploring EPA Victoria’s Ecological Footprint pages, you can find out about Ecological Footprint, what Australia's Footprint looks like in comparison to the rest of the world and how you can calculate your own Ecological Footprint (or that of your home, office, school, retail or event). You can also learn more about how the Ecological Footprint has come about, how it works, how it has been used here in Victoria and get linked to the broader Footprint community around the world.

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