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Natural Environment

Moira Shire enjoys a natural environment with an abundant range of natural features dominated by river systems, wetlands, plains, woodlands and grasslands some of which are among the most significant of their kind.

Located in North-East Victoria, Moira Shire’s northern boundary is the Murray River, which is one of the region’s most significant environmental features along with the internationally RAMSAR significant Barmah Wetland, the largest River Redgum forest on the planet. The Murray River also provides high quality water, which is the economic life-blood of the community.

Moira Shire Council recognises the well being of our community is linked to that of its natural environment and is dedicated to developing and managing all of its assets to not only preserve, but also enhance, their environmental value.

A growing understanding of our environment has led to radical changes in attitudes, particularly in agriculture and catchment management, which are no directing enormous resources and energy into sustainable soil and water use.

The Shire’s abundant natural features also support an enormous range of native flora and fauna. Many threatened or endangered species find habitat and breeding grounds in the reverine forests and wetlands.

But it is also recognised that generations of land clearing and sometimes inappropriate land-use have come at a cost.

Over the past century much of Moira Shire was cleared of vegetation to make way for agriculture. While this has been essential for the region’s economy, the environmental cost has only begun to be understood in recent decades. Major vegetation types across the Shire are severely depleted. Some species have disappeared entirely.

Most significant remaining vegetation is on roadsides or riverbanks, on public land or in small patches on private land. These remnant stands are often scattered and are vulnerable to inappropriate land-use, insect attack, water-logging and a range of other environmental hazards. Sensitive management is essential for their survival and replenishment.

As the statutory planning body, Moira Shire Council has a specific duty of care to protect this environment. The Moira Shire Council aims to achieve this by establishing a common platform and direction for the Shire’s specific issue plans which, combined, will provide a set of achievable goals in line with the community’s aspirations, Council statutory responsibilities and available resources.

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