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Land, Water, Biodiversity

Land resources, practically soils, are crucial to food production and help maintain the ecosystems upon which all life depends. However, inappropriate land use and land management practices, such as land clearing, have severely degraded the quality of many natural ecosystems.

Broadly speaking, land degradation is defined as the processes causing a decline or deterioration in the soil and water. Today, it is considered as one of the most important environmental issues facing Victoria.

Historically, extensive land clearing occurred throughout the Moira Shire. This widespread removal of native vegetation was considered essential for the region’s economy and the development of the region's agricultural industry. However, the environmental costs associated with such widespread clearing have only just begun to be understood. Major vegetation types across the Shire are severely depleted and some species have disappeared entirely.

Moira Shire Council recognises the value and ecological importance of healthy land, waterways (including groundwater) and wetlands in the Shire’s natural environment. Council is committed to working with a wide range of landowners and managers, both locally and regionally, to protect remnant vegetation, develop new biolinks, protect and restore soil condition, reduce the threats of erosion and salinity, enhance the condition of waterways and restore natural wetlands.

Council will work collaboratively with regional, state and federal authorities and private landowners to ensure that our precious natural environments are protected, maintained and improved.

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