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Facilitating Environmental Stewardship

Moira Shire Council has a number of direct environmental responsibilities, including reducing its own ecological footprint, the protection and maintenance of its own land and regulating a range of community activities through the Victorian Planning Provisions.

Complementary to these direct obligations, Council also believes it has an opportunity and a responsibility to encourage the adoption of sustainable living practices within the community.

Moira Shire Council has a history of working well with stakeholders and the community to achieve environmental outcomes. With changing community expectations and increased complexity of environmentally issues, Council has to make further changes in the way it operates and display leadership in environmental sustainability decision making. Councils need to model the behaviour that is expected and encouraged from our community, so they can lead by example.

Moira Shire Council will work with environmental management agencies in order to provide guidance and direction to the wider community regarding the stewardship of our natural and built environment by:

  • streamlining organisation capacity;
  • building community capacity; and
  • understanding our communities and stakeholders.

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