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Cat and Dog Registration

Under the provisions of the Domestic Animals Act 1994, Council is required to keep a register of all domestic cats and dogs, their description and the owner's name and address.

This register is available for public inspection, recording and/or certification of particulars.

Inspection at first registration and
a copy of that registration

No Charge

Record second and subsequent copies
of registration.


Council certification of each dog or cat registration.


Council must not register any new dog or cat unless it has been implanted with a microchip. This includes previously registered dogs and cats from another Council that are now kept within Moira Shire.

Council will forward a separate dog and cat registration form early in the new year. All relevant details are included on the form. For new registrations, please complete this application form and submit to Council with a copy of your microchip certificate.

All dogs and cats 3 months of age and over must be registered by 10 April in each year. Failure to register may result in a $303.00 fine.

Holders of a full concession are eligible for a 50% reduction of the fee applicable, this does not include the Government Levy.

Registration Fees are as follows:



Pension Rate

Dogs Maximum fee



Dogs Minimum fee includes:

  • Desexed dogs, dogs over 10 years
  • Dogs kept for breeding purposes by the proprietor of a domestic animal business conducted on registered premises
  • Dogs that have undergone Obedience training that complies with the regulations
  • Dogs registered with the Victorian Canine Association or any organisation approved by Council
  • Working Dogs.



Cats Maximum fee



Cats Minimum fee includes:

  • Desexed Cats
  • Cats over 10 years
  • Cats kept for breeding by the proprietor of a domestic animal business conducted on registered premises
  • Cats registered with the Feline Control Council, the governing council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria incorporated, the Domestic Cat Council incorporated or any Successor in law of any one of these Associations or a breed society approved by Council



Registration fees include a State Government Levy of $3.50 for each dog and $2.00 for each cat.

For further enquiries, please contact the Safety and Amenity Unit.

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