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Cat Trap Hire

Cats make great pets! They are quiet, clean and they don't need a lot of space or exercise.

Serious problems can occur if cats are allowed to roam outdoors, particularly at night. Roaming cats can get hit by cars, injured in fights, catch fatal diseases or become lost. Roaming cats can also kill native wildlife - even well fed cats will hunt. Roaming cats can annoy neighbours too, by spraying, fighting, yowling and digging in gardens.

Legally, you are not allowed to let your cat trespass on other people's property. If your cat wanders onto another person's property more than once, he/she may be seized and impounded.

If you are experiencing issues with a neighbour's cat, Moira Shire Council has a limited number of cat traps available for loan to residents to catch cats on their property. A refundable deposit of $100 is required for the loan of a cat trap. 

For further information or to apply for a cat trap, please click here.

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