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Animal Adoption Program

Any animal that has been admitted into the pound either impounded as a lost animal or surrendered by its owner, may become available for adoption.

To be available for adoption, animals must undergo a veterinary exam and a behavioural test.

  • The veterinary exam attempts to ensure that any current medical condition is known prior to adoption. Animals that are old or have minor veterinary issues may be made available for adoption.  Any known conditions and subsequent veterinary requirements will be explained to a new owner prior to adoption.
  • The behavioural test attempts to prevent aggressive, anti-social animals or animals with known vices such as excessive barking, or habitual escapees from being made available for adoption. However, most pound animals do not have a known history and each animal’s behaviour may vary with different people, animals and environments.

If you are interested in animal adoption, please contact Council to make an appointment with a member of the Safety and Amenity Unit. Council staff will discuss your specific circumstances and environment to try to find you the best animal for your situation.  Council staff can also provide advice on pet care, veterinary responsibilities and legal requirements. It is also recommended that you gain approval from landlords in the case of rental premises, prior to adoption.

Included in the adoption process, is the opportunity to spend some time with the animal at the pound and allow any current pets to meet the possible new addition.

All animals adopted from the pound will be desexed, microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and registered with Council prior to release. The cost to adopt an animal from the pound will vary depending on the veterinary work required, however it is approximately $100 - $300 for a dog or cat.

Council offers a Guarantee on all animals adopted from the pound. If an animal is not acceptable to a purchaser because of health, physical or other reasons (excluding accidents), which is supported by a statement from a veterinary practitioner, within seven days of purchase, Council will accept the animal back and refund the purchase price of the animal. If an animal is returned within three days for any other reason, Council will refund 75% of the purchase price or offer a replacement animal with the same guarantee. If the animal dies or is euthanased as a result of a disease that is traceable to the point of sale, Council will refund the purchase price or offer a replacement animal with the same guarantee.

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